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Welcome to my 2023 updated Basic HTML online course!

I’m excited to accompany you on this journey into the universe of HTML and CSS. Whether you are a beginner or an aspiring expert developer, you can discover or deepen your knowledge of HTML and CSS.

For some time now I have been dedicating myself to training in the fields of digitalisation and web development, and this experience has led me to understand how fundamental it is to make learning accessible to everyone.

That’s why I decided to put the slides from my basic HTML and CSS course online. This means that now all of you can access these valuable resources and start your journey into the world of web development. I firmly believe that knowing HTML and CSS should be within the reach of anyone who wants to create their own web pages, and I’m excited to give you the tools to do so.

I started my journey into the world of web design way back in 2003, and it’s a pleasure to share my knowledge with you: are you ready to start this journey? 🚀

HTML and CSS course: Lesson 1

In the first lesson, we’ll explore the basics of HTML. You will learn the basic syntax, the essential rules of web design and the main concepts behind creating engaging web pages. This lesson lays the foundation on which we will build our skills.

Main HTML Tags

We will delve into the most used HTML tags and you will learn how to use them to structure the content of a web page. You will be able to insert text, images, links and more into your HTML pages.

Difference between Semantic Tags and Physical Tags

An important aspect of our course will be the distinction between semantic tags and physical tags. You will understand when and how to use each type of tag to ensure a logical and accessible structure for your web pages.

Rules for Writing Clean Code

A good practice in web development is to write clean, well-organized code. I’ll teach you best practices for keeping your code clear and maintainable, making your work more efficient.

Structuring a Web Page

Finally, I’ll walk you through the process of structuring a web page. You will learn how to organize content coherently, create flexible layouts and ensure a good user experience.

Slide del corso di HTML di base

Basic HTML course 2023 [ITA]: download the complete slides (PDF) Corso HTML di base

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